What is a Community School? 

Do you remember your first day of school? We do. On August 4, 2014, The David R. Lopez Community School at Edgemere Elementary opened it's doors as Oklahoma City's pilot community school. The work of Friends of Edgemere, an organized group of neighbors who wanted to see improvement in their neighborhood school submitted a proposal to the Oklahoma City Public Schools board of education. This proposal was approved and the school's history of community support was given the backing it needed to take the next step: As Oklahoma City's pilot community school.

Serving students in pre-K through sixth grade in five neighborhoods just north of 23rd street, our school is a place and a network of supportive partnerships between the school and the community. Together, we are creating a web of support that helps children learn, families succeed, neighborhoods engage and communities thrive. This year, more than 15 community organizations, churches and businesses, along with countless donors and volunteers have supported the strategies leading to student success.

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Community school partners, school staff and administrators, agency staff, parents and members of the community are united in a common goal: To maximize student learning through optimizing opportunities for health and well being, strengthening families and neighborhoods, and by providing enrichment opportunities that extend far beyond the classroom.  Learn more about our the eight core components in our framework by clicking here or on the picture below.

In April of 2015, our very first community site team was founded. Eighteen individuals representing parents, teachers, volunteers, administrators and community partners came to learn about the framework in order to prepare for the collective conversation that will continue to lead the community school initiative forward. 

Favorite Memories: 


"One memory that sticks out in my mind was watching parents, teachers/staff, and volunteers working together and creating awesome events.  It was such a joy to watch the children’s faces light up when they saw their parent come to the school to be with them for an event.  There were some amazing events and activities that the children got to participate in. It has been such an honor to watch all of the students at Edgemere grow and learn and I know that they will have bright futures ahead of them." Kim Goidell, Sunbeam Family Therapist 


"When I first started teaching here, the students didn't really seem to know what to make of me.  It was almost as if they felt I was someone they should be afraid of.  But as time went on they all began to see that I am harmless and quite silly!  On the last day of school I got hugs from students that hadn't spoken to me all year!" Sherry Chapparo, SPED Autism


The 2014 - 2015 Year in Review
Special thanks to Mr. Sutton, our first grade teacher, for engaging students in creating this video with his personal resources. 

Edgemere is Oklahoma City Public School's Pilot Community School!
Read more about the proposal below!

Edgemere is Oklahoma City Public School's Pilot Community School!
Read more about the proposal below!

Community School Proposal for Edgemere